You can design and create trusts in many ways. You can support Bais Menachem Chabad while controlling the investment of the property in the trust.

The design of the Trust can give you an income from the investments while you are alive. But leaves the principal to Bais Menachem Chabad after you are gone. That principal going to Bais Menachem Chabad later can be valued today. The calculated value can be a current charitable deduction from your income taxes.

Your attorney can design the trust in many ways. One way is to provide a straight income from interest. Other ways can give you the advantage of any increase in the value of the principal.

Your family’s name can go on the trust. And the design can make it last long after you are gone as a memorial to your family’s generosity.

We are happy to work with your attorney and tax advisor to find the best way to make such a trust work.



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